Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wood Wars 3D (WIP)

Have you ever discovered a really cool game that was unfortunately out of print and unavailable? Why can't the games we love last forever? I want to design games where the quality of the "Print & Play" version is just as good as manufactured version by using 3D printing. And I'm starting with Wood Wars 3D.
The base set includes everything you see here
At the dawn of time in an enchanted woods where no man lives there was a spring of sweet water. The animals that drank from that spring found themselves possessed of intelligence. But an evil saw this and tainted the water so that the creatures would also gain pride, greed, and form similar to man. And by so doing, soon the woods knew war.

Wood Wars 3D is a highly accessible table top strategy game for all, developed by Joe Larson. In Wood Wars 3D, players build armies by taking race heads and putting them on class bodies to mix-and-match pawns. Then players take turns moving herds of pawns using measured distances, and attacking each other, simulating artillery attacks with marble rolls. It can be played in as little as 30 minutes.
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